Thursday, August 24, 2006

VZ FiOS Marketing Tactics

More great stuff from the USA Today article:
  • Verizon is deploying what it calls a "guerrilla marketing" campaign. It sends salespeople door-to-door, sets up product demonstrations at concerts and community events, and slaps messages on Chinese food containers, pizza boxes and take-out coffee cups.
  • The company says it has found people across all its markets itching for a choice, with about 10% of all households capable of getting FiOS subscribing in the first six months it's offered.
  • Verizon's pointed ads pour salt on wounded feelings about cable service, with slogans such as: "All I want is to cut off cable;" "All I want is to get on board with a company I like;" and "All I want is a choice other than Cablevision."
  • Verizon took a more positive approach to score points with gamers: It sponsored a national video game tournament

Don't some of these ideas sound like they came out of the RAD-INFO play book? Why not incorporate these tactics in your area?

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