Sunday, August 27, 2006

VZ Bogus Fee BS

VZ responds to the bogus fee situation:
"But she said Verizon doesn't plan to drop its surcharge. "There is a big difference" between BellSouth's actions and Verizon's, she said. Henson said Verizon aims to recover operational costs tied to providing DSL service -- as opposed to the regulatory costs BellSouth mentioned. ... She said Verizon has incurred costs in building and maintaining its broadband services and that it must recoup those costs some time. "There is no impact on the bottom line of the bill," she stressed. Henson added that many Verizon DSL customers are on annual contracts and therefore won't have to pay the new surcharge immediately."
None of this makes any sense. If you have costs to recover (and a huge profit to maintain) that's what the PRICE of the service is for. Anything else is false advertising and total crap! Couldn't a few lawyers sue for false advertising???

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