Sunday, August 27, 2006

Packet8 Gets Delisting Notice

8x8, which owns Packet8 VoIP service, received notice from Nasdaq that it could be delisted if it doesn't get its stock above $1. Primus had similar (and then bigger) issues before it was delisted. Looks like VoIP providers are going to start taking blows on Wall St. I figure most of the VoIP Providers and CLECs over the next 2-3 years will disappear. Not enough (if any) profit. No ROI for investors. Not a bright future either. CLECs are losing access to the network. In a bandwidth intensive world, they are stuck at 1.5M-3MB. VoIP Providers need to provide and manage the whole service like SmoothStone. Cable is beating Bell - and things are just starting to heat up. [Side note: this would be an excellent time for Bell to realize that CLECs help them beat cable - but it won't happen. Greed. Ego. Ignorance.]

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