Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bogus DSL Fees

What happened to Truth in Advertising? The RBOCs say they charge $14.99 for DSL but by the time it is billed the customer is seeing more like $20. Some of that delta is bogus fees. BellSouth and VZ added bogus fees to the bills of their DSL users immediately following Congress cutting USF fees on DSl to give broadband users a break. A break they never saw. But once the FCC sent both BST and VZ inquiry letters, BST backed down. VZ did not. But BST wants a favorable merger with at&t, so it can't cause any wrinkles right now. But VZ gets to challenge the power of the FCC - and we get to see what Martin is made of. The FTC should be ringing in as well, but with this Administration who knows.

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