Sunday, August 27, 2006

Softphones and 911

RedSky Technologies thinks it has the answer for nomadic E911:
"Nomadic softphone users could be on the East Coast one day and on the West Coast the next, but no matter where they are, when they dial 911, their precise locations must be relayed to the correct 911 dispatch center," Maier commented following the conference. "With all the talk today about the potential of this 'new' location-based services industry, people forget that E911 was actually the first location-based service. E911 and all other location-based services require the capture and management of detailed location information, and our new Softphone Location Determination Application builds on RedSky's seven years of experience in this space to specifically address the location information needs of softphone users."
I don't know if this means that all nomadic VoIP users are a 911 liability or that RedSky thinks it has the issue solved. At some point, the user has to input his location. If he is at Starbucks at 9-10; then Panera at 12-2. He would need to be changing his info before he begins dialing - AND he would have to know where he is. For ATA systems, CallVantage and VZ's Voicewing will not allow outgoing calls following a disconnect of the ATA until the address is confirmed.

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