Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Boingo's Open Source Wi-Fi Toolkit

Boingo, a wholesale Wi-Fi aggregator, has introduced the Boingo Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit, an open source software package that enables developers to integrate Wi-Fi connection management to any Wi-Fi hotspot into small form factor devices such as dual mode phones, VoIP handsets, mobile gaming consoles and other portable devices. The toolkit enables detection, association, and authentication to public Wi-Fi signals and incorporates power-saving logic for recognizing known signals to minimize unnecessary connections that waste battery power. In a nutshell, the software provides an alternative to cellular data networks in handsets and other mobile devices. The product line works with the Boingo Embedded Configuration Server, which allows service providers to remotely provision devices and update configuration files and policies over the air. The source code for the toolkit is available under both open source and commercial licensing. The open source software can be integrated into handsets without incurring a license fee. Participants of the program include Accton, BridgePort, Broadcom, Devicescape, E28, Ganag, iBahn, Kineto, Kyocera, Microsoft, Priority, StayOnline, and Taproot. Boingo networks 45,000 Wi-Fi locations from more than 130 operators into one worldwide network. Boingo users can connect to any of these locations with a single Boingo account using Boingo's free Wi-Fi client software, which combines nearly 500 network names into one network. Boingo also partners with service providers to allow their users to access these hot spots through its Boingo Platform Services program. The program provides partners with access to this network, customized client software, and a suite of back-office billing, roaming, mediation and clearinghouse services to allow them to offer their own Wi-Fi service. To date, Boingo has announced Platform Services partnerships with BT Infonet, Earthlink, Fiberlink, Sprint, Verizon Business, Skype and Telecom Italia.

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