Thursday, March 02, 2006

Manage Services for Money

  • From Telephony magazine: "Businesses today are looking for help for a wide range of communications technologies, from VPNs and IP telephony to network security and remote access. They are increasingly interested in outsourcing these and other advanced network requirements in order to reduce capital expenditures while increasing their focus on core competencies. "
  • From another article: "Managed voice-over-IP (VoIP) services will see a 65% compound annual growth rate over the next three years, according to Ovum. And managed network security is now the most commonly adopted IP service."
  • And more telling: " The results indicate that these end users are now ready to accept managed services.... When technology is new, enterprises are less inclined to entrust another entity to run their network, but as technology becomes mainstream, there is more of a willingness to out-task to a service provider because it is no longer seen as a science project,” Jorgenson said.
  • This means that if you can tell the story of how you are better equipped to manage their network (and they trust you to do so), they can spend those hours making money in their own business. If I spend 3 hours per week on PC and network repair, dependning on my billing, that's $300 per week wasted.
  • Also, because we are storing great and great amounts of data, both personal and business, managed storage solutions will be in demand. (Can't you offer online file storage to your customers? It is disaster recovery.)

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