Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apple Gets Hammered

Apple missed Wall Street analysts' estimates and its stock gets hammered. It lost $45B in market cap yesterday. As Tom Peters said, "So Apple sucks. Mere $11B profit on $50B quarterly sales. Meanwhile unicorn models don't even bother to talk about profits. Funny old world." I wonder how the VoIP darlings fare.

Meanwhile all this consolidation is due to:  (a) money is cheap and easy to get; and (b) organic growth to keep Wall Street happy is just not possible. Look at some of these deals:

In Healthcare, it is constant M and A:

Abbott to Acquire St. Jude Medical for $25 Billion. This after Abbott is in process of acquiring another company for $6B. Sanofi Offers to Buy Drug Maker Medivation for $9.3 Billion. AbbVie to Buy Cancer Treatment Start-Up for $5.8 Billion.

I was in this industry for a few short years (10). Healthcare gave up on R&D. Less risky to buy a company than to do research. Most Big Pharma pipelines for new drugs do not contain any blockbusters. It costs from $500M to $1B to bring a drug to market. Big risk. Better to buy. Better to invest in startups, and buy them if it works out.

What a crazy world we live in.

BY Simon Rothman

"Both founders and investors value traction. Everyone wants to see strong customer acquisition, transaction volume, and geographic expansion. Growth can be a positive signal of a business’ long term potential, which is why growth is a priority for every startup. Unfortunately, growth has become a proxy for success — even if it’s “bad” growth. And yes, there is “bad” growth. If the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) is greater than the lifetime value (LTV), a startup can grow itself to death."

Sometimes Wall Street uses the wrong metrics.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A European Look at UC&C

The State of UC&C from the perspective of UC Expo in Europe.

"Perhaps unified communications has been a victim of 'overbranding' in this sense. Even Wikipedia described it as a 'marketing buzzword' as of April 2016." AT&T is just using AT&T Collaboration for its Broadsoft UC&C service.

"Meanwhile, 40 percent of businesses are already using the technology." BY tech, we mean components of the platform that has been labeled UC&C - VoIP, conferencing, IM/Presence, video, et al.

"Gartner's 2015 Hype Cycle for UC, which tracks excitement and interest in technology against adoption, anticipates that mainstream adoption of technologies such as enterprise file synchronisation and sharing, external peer-to-peer communications and SIP communications is less than two years away."

"To Vishy Gopalakrishnan, AVP of Product Marketing Management, Voice and Collaboration at AT&T, it is a mixture of supply and demand." Yeah, there is a lot of supply but the demand is waning so far. I wrote about this earlier this week. Few new tech companies focus on demand & brand which is why their success is limited.

BTW, VoIP services market is up 5% to $73 Bn in 2015, says IHS. ResidentialVoIP is 62% of that. UCaaS grew just 6%.

Master Minding for Leveling Up

"It's not because people didn't try the first time. It's because being surrounded by people on the same journey as you causes you to level up." When you are surrounded by people who support you and are trying to raise the ocean together, it all brightens.

"Your path forward is pretty simple: Decide on your journey and find some people who will cause you to level up." Seth Godin.

That is one reason the Master Mind Group works so well. A group of executives that can bounce ideas, support each, hold each accountable has proven to be effective. Ask Thomas Edison and Henry Ford as Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich*.

A few years ago I ran a CEO master mind group for 5 people. It lasted one year and seemed to work out fine. There was pre-work for each session that involved wins and losses and hurdles.

I have moderated or participated in mastermind groups since 2004. If you are interested in joining one, please give me a shout.

* Jeffrey Gitomer has a blab on Sunday mornings at 11 am to go through this book, Think and Grow Rich, one chapter per week on the platform Blab.

* The comments on this blog post consist of advice for a new CEO. Coaching is the top piece of advice.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Google Wants You to Offer their Router

Google designed a new wireless router that it is selling - and is hoping that ISPs will offer it too. The OnHub wireless router has 2 versions - one by Asus and one by TP-Link. (I have a router from TP-Link; it was DOA and the tech support line is always busy.)  The designs for both are really nice. Non-boxy. Looks like Amazon Echo.

The Verge has a nice review. "With the OnHub, Google is trying to solve the three biggest pain points of routers — setup, coverage, and troubleshooting — and build a wireless portal for the future."

Wi-fi is how most people connect to the Internet. Google wants that experience to be better. So should ISPs. A bad wi-fi experience is blamed on who?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Training is Good for Your Company

"The only thing worse than training your people and having them leave is
not training them and having them stay."

Training is an investment in the future of your business!

Channel Managers! The secrets of being a channel manager webinar is May 19th at Noon ET! Register now! HERE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LIT Buildings

According to a new report, 46% of commercial buildings have fiber to the building. That means more than half of commercial buildings do NOT have fiber.

The fiber lit building means that the install interval is shorter. It usually means that bandwidth speed is not an option. In cable systems, for example, it maybe HFC or coax to a building, so getting symmetric speeds can mean construction. Fiber to the building usually means electronics have to be ordered and installed. That is often quicker than building out fiber which means permits need to be filed; insurance; fiber ordered; network designed; construction; site readiness; et al.

If you sell Type II or resale or as an agent, prospect deep into fiber lit buildings. There are 2 million businesses that you can sell to.

SD-WAN - The Primer

Over on TMC, I am spending the month of April on SD-WAN.

I am trying to answer: What is it? Who buys it? Why do they buy it?

I am doing this via podcasts with execs at Velocloud, Escessa, Aryaka and TelePacific. For service providers, SD-WAN will be a revolution. Type II circuits may become a thing of the past as BYO Broadband won't be a bad thing with SD-WAN monitoring, packet shaping and load-balancing the traffic.

For companies utilizing SAAS, OTT VoIP and Video as well as Rackspace/AWS/Azure, SD-WAN allows the business to get quality of service on Type II links and cloud apps performance.

You can listen to the podcasts at Soundcloud HERE. Or you can drop in on the blog at TMC On RAD's Radar.

I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spam for VoIP Marketing?

I get more spam comments on this blog from a crappy VoIP company in Canada called Callture or Callture Telcan or OYE mobile. They sent 5 yesterday and more over the last 3 years. The co-founders are Mamoon Rashid, Anton Mendoza and Siva Sanmuga in 1996. They have a 2 star rating on their iOS app.

Friday, April 08, 2016

The Hiring Circle

Saw this job posting today:

In-depth knowledge in one or more VoIP switching technologies: Genband G9/G6/Genius, CS2000, Broadsoft, MetaSwitch & Metasphere, Ureach, and/or Acme / Nextone SBC. As well as the Element Management Systems, & servers interfacing these platforms.

Desired knowledge in Multi-service Edge Routers, SIP, UNIX, Linux, WireShark, etc. Desired knowledge in one or more voice TDM switch technologies: DMS-10, DMS-100/200/500, 5ESS, DCO, GTD-5, EWSD and/or Oryx. Ability to handle and prioritize outage and network issues efficiently and effectively.

This is for a 3 month contract at $39/hr ($81K/yr). Just crazy.

That's like seeing jobs for developers with 5 years of Facebook experience. The founders of FB have jobs.