Monday, February 13, 2017

Culture is the Cure

"If you want to make change, begin by making culture. Begin by organizing a tightly knit group. Begin by getting people in sync." Seth Godin

This slide deck, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", while long (100 slides) does present the issue, What is Culture?, clearly.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Some Mergers Have Closed

Verizon closed on XO. XO is now XO, a Verizon Company. It will be business as usual for XO for a little while. Yet Verizon did re-org, according to CRN. "Telecom giant Verizon has revealed a newly restructured business unit geared toward reaching more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Verizon Business Markets. Verizon Business Markets (VBM) was formally known as Verizon Small Business, according to the business unit's new LinkedIn page. Janet Schijns, vice president of global channels for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, is now leading the new unit as chief channel executive and vice president for VBM."

"TPG Capital finished up its acquisitions of RCN and Grande from ABRY for $1.6B and $650M, respectively. TPG is combining the two companies into what will be the 7th largest US cable company and plans to expand and enhance operations across the combined footprints." It will still be the 7th when VZ buys Charter.

"Strome Fiber Holdings, LLC announced today that it has acquired all of the network and colocation assets of AF-Southeast, LLC. The acquired network and colocation assets consist of a contiguous dark fiber network, constructed along secure private right-of-ways, that extends from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida including interconnection to key data centers in both markets and strategic access points in between." [source]

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Google, WebRTC and UC

Interesting look at Google's deal with RingCentral. It involves WebRTC to power voice and video calls through the Google for Work productivity suite.

Dialpad is Craig Walker's latest venture. It was formerly known as before Walker bought the rights to the name and domain for dialpad back from Yahoo. He was an investor in Dialpad which sold to Yahoo in 2005. Walker was also the co-founder of Grand Central that Google acquired in 2007. It became Google Voice in 2009. Now Google is trying to revive Google Voice - and Walker is trying to revive Dialpad.

I actually didn't know about Jotspot or Springboard or Google Sites (slide 8). Interesting concept that they should market better.

BTW, Google Voice now has a separate mobile app from Hangouts. See more here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hype Jacking

TeleComp reports, "A Maine based WISP, Redzone Wireless, is seizing on the marketing hype generated by the move to 5G, launching a fixed broadband wireless service and calling it 5Gx. The service uses a proprietary method for aggregating licensed 4G LTE spectrum and unlicensed 5.8 GHz spectrum on a single tower to improve broadband speeds and performance." Brilliant move actually to hijack the hype and the acronym.

Value Prop (part 301)

It seems like I have written about Value Proposition or USP or Positioning at least three hundred times (out of the 6000+ blog posts I have written!) GapingVoid simplifies it in this post. "In order of importance, you’re selling: (1) Who you are; and (2) What the product is." Sales is emotional. Sales requires Trust. The prospect has to trust the salesperson, the company delivering the service and that the service is going to work.

UCaaS Components

Taken from Forbes article about Workflow.

Soft Skills Are Immeasureable

Seth Godin has an article about soft skills on Medium.

"Writing in the Harvard Business Review, Lou Solomon reports that 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their employees." Despite Unified Comms or Workplace as a Service or Slack coupled with email, text and phone calls, communication is NOT occurring well.

"Culture defeats strategy, every time." Pay attention to culture. Pay attention to interactions between employees, managers, teams, departments. I have seen many rifts between sales and practically every other department. And rifts between support and other departments. It isn't healthy.

"We know how to measure typing speed. We have a lot more trouble measuring passion or commitment."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Things You Need to Know #2445

Edgewater and Yealink rolled out a package for zero-touch provisioning if you use Yealink and Edgewater devices combined with Edgewater's management platform. If you want zero touch provisioning of phones, have you looked at Phonism?

Trello is being acquired by Atlassian, owner of HipChat.

Verizon is re-thinking its purchase of Yahoo assets after 2 huge breaches. The remaining piece of Yahoo is re-branding as Altaba, a holding company. Mayer steps down from Board (not CEO job).

Birch settled for $6.1M "to settle an FCC investigation into what the regulator said was deceptive marketing and billing practices."

CenturyLink is all over the map, buying Level3 and now this: "CenturyLink has announced it has acquired SEAL Consulting, a leading SAP solutions provider for enterprise-wide business and technology needs."

Who do we eat up so much broadband? PARKS: 31% of U.S. Broadband households subscribe to more than 1 OTT video service.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DDoS Mitigation Services Available

DYN had an infamous outage recently due to a massive DDoS attack. Two clients also experienced DDoS attacks on their ISP networks this year. One had multiple incidents.

Level3 and XO offer DDoS Mitigation services. So do a number of data center providers like Cologix.

How does mitigation work? First, by monitoring traffic. In their most simple form, DDoS mitigation tools are remote network traffic filters that prevent undesired traffic from hitting your network/servers. Basically traffic is sent to a black hole. Good traffic is filtered to the network or servers. The black hole needs to have a lot of capacity - and that is where much of the expense is.

If you need DDoS Mitigation (or other security services) give RAD-INFO Inc a call at 813-963-5884.
We work with Level3, XO, Cologix and a host of data center providers and carriers.

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