Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Things You Need to Know #2445

Edgewater and Yealink rolled out a package for zero-touch provisioning if you use Yealink and Edgewater devices combined with Edgewater's management platform. If you want zero touch provisioning of phones, have you looked at Phonism?

Trello is being acquired by Atlassian, owner of HipChat.

Verizon is re-thinking its purchase of Yahoo assets after 2 huge breaches. The remaining piece of Yahoo is re-branding as Altaba, a holding company. Mayer steps down from Board (not CEO job).

Birch settled for $6.1M "to settle an FCC investigation into what the regulator said was deceptive marketing and billing practices."

CenturyLink is all over the map, buying Level3 and now this: "CenturyLink has announced it has acquired SEAL Consulting, a leading SAP solutions provider for enterprise-wide business and technology needs."

Who do we eat up so much broadband? PARKS: 31% of U.S. Broadband households subscribe to more than 1 OTT video service.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DDoS Mitigation Services Available

DYN had an infamous outage recently due to a massive DDoS attack. Two clients also experienced DDoS attacks on their ISP networks this year. One had multiple incidents.

Level3 and XO offer DDoS Mitigation services. So do a number of data center providers like Cologix.

How does mitigation work? First, by monitoring traffic. In their most simple form, DDoS mitigation tools are remote network traffic filters that prevent undesired traffic from hitting your network/servers. Basically traffic is sent to a black hole. Good traffic is filtered to the network or servers. The black hole needs to have a lot of capacity - and that is where much of the expense is.

If you need DDoS Mitigation (or other security services) give RAD-INFO Inc a call at 813-963-5884.
We work with Level3, XO, Cologix and a host of data center providers and carriers.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Legacy Revenue: Good or Bad?

In this article AT&T CEO whines about investment without regulatory relief. That means opportunity for anyone willing to build and take business away from Ma Bell. It is this thought process that has resulted in cable taking most broadband and triple-play bundles from the telco. It is why analysts are calling cable the incumbent phone company in 2017.

"AT&T’s third quarter strategic business services growth was offset by the decline in legacy services. Legacy data services declined 15.8% year-over-year to $1.8 billion, while legacy voice and other services declined 6.2% year-over-year to $3.2 billion."

They bought DirecTV for the content savings and the subscriber revenue which has been declining since the merger was completed. Now spending on OTT video, which had an outage in week 2.

Also, DTV was a pipeline to LATAM (Latin America) as most service providers look outside the US for growth.  Zayo, Jive, Birch and others have all made purchases in Canada. 8x8 has opened in Japan and UK. I guess it was too much work to eke out organic growth here at home.

Consolidated is buying Fairpoint, which is a combo of 2 RLECs that will have 80% of its revenue in legacy services.  Windstream and CenturyLink are heavy in legacy, so is Frontier. I guess you either focus on legacy and own it - or you don't so you lose.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

December is Goal Setting Season

"Not having a goal to work toward makes it difficult to direct your efforts, measure progress and motivate yourself to keep going. Write your goals down—and be specific." - Jim Rohn

"Personal goals start as thoughts and dreams. Business goals may have those attributes, but often business goals are handed to you by a superior. Sales goals, sales plans, sales numbers, pipelines, funnels, and various benchmarks for you to achieve for THEM." - Jeffrey Gitomer

It is December, the time of year for reflecting on the year closing up and planning for the year coming soon. Let's get a jump on that with some Goal Setting help in this 45 minute webinar on December 14 at Noon Eastern.


Tidbits #1443

What's in the news?

Why Telecom Carriers Are Resisting a Program for Low-Income Internet Subsidies by Fortune magazine. "For decades, low-income households have been getting subsidized telephone service under the federal government’s Lifeline program. Back in April, the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the program, decided to extend the subsidy to cover broadband Internet service as well. After all, about one-third of the 40 million households eligible for the Lifeline program lack broadband." AT&T, VZ and C-Link have told the FCC they are opting out.

However, AT&T is taking another government contract. DSLR is reporting that "AT&T is the likely winner of a government contract to build our first nationwide emergency broadband network known as FirstNet." FirstNet is the nationwide wireless emergency network that was suggested after 9/11!

Cable Nodes Becoming a Choke Point.

"Not all Internet service providers use monthly data caps to control bandwidth usage, but default unlimited plans appear to be rapidly going the way of the dodo. WideOpenWest Holdings LLC (WOW) COO Cash Hagen says when it comes to broadband providers and usage caps, "it's not a matter of if we all do it at some point, but when, how and how the customers adapt to that." [lightread]

Presidio is filing for their IPO and "expected to value it at as much as $3 billion"! (Presidio is an MSP, a telecom broker and a Cisco partner.)

GoDaddy has made 3 moves this year. First they bought FreedomVoice for the service that is like Google Voice for $40M. Today it was announced that GoDaddy is buying Host Group Europe for $1.79B. Strangely, in September, GoDaddy bought Serbia’s ManageWP, a multi-site WordPress management tool.

Monday, December 05, 2016


So many mergers this year.

  • Charter has swallowed both TWC and Bright House Networks to become third largest MSO (after AT&T and Comcast).
  • Ma Bell swallowed DirecTV – and is now launching OTT cable service with zero rating on its cell service. Now AT+T wants to buy TimeWarner for $109B with debt included. TW owns movies and TV, but not Time, Inc. The magazine division was spun out.
  • Zayo bought Allstream to go big in Canada; then bought ELI for $1.42B to fill in the Western US.
  • Birch bought Primus to enter Canada as well.
  • CenturyLink wants to get big in Enterprise, so they are buying Level3. The combined carrier will get 76% of its revenue from the enterprise and wholesale market.
  • Windstream is buying EarthLink.
  • Verizon got the OK to buy XO. Verizon bought AOL and is trying to buy Yahoo, but those hacks have it looking for a discount.
  • IN the Master Agent space: ScanSource and Intelysis. Sandler Partners and X4.
  • Ingram Micro bought NETXUSA after it was acquired by HNA in China.
  • Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for $26B!
  • VTech bought snom.
  • Polycom did not get bought by Mitel. They went with a PE firm.
  • Avaya is in trouble.
  • GTT is buying Hibernia.
  • Fairpoint just got scooped up by Consolidated.
  • You need a chalk board for data center ownership.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

How Much Did SMB Spend on IT?

IDC research says that by the close of 2016, SMBs (under 500 employees) will have collectively spent $564 Billion on IT hardware, software and services. (That includes SAAS like Salesforce and Office365 and managed services like RMM).

Amazon announced that they are getting in the Virtual Server space at $5 per month. They are starting selling cable-voice bundles for Comcast and Frontier. There is a heavy rumor that Amazon will be offering Hosted VoIP soon (possibly powered by BroadCloud).

You have to start thinking value-add, retention, customer satisfaction and upselling. I have been chanting outcomes and bundles for a long time. Going forward selling product just won't work -- they can buy that via a click on Amazon.