Friday, September 16, 2016

5 Signs Your Business Might Fail

From an article in Entrepreneur magazine. According to Jayson Demers, Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, these are 5 signs your startup is destined to fail:

1. You haven’t changed your original idea.
2. Your employee turnover is high.
3. Consumers aren’t talking about your company.
4. You don’t really know how you’re doing.
5. You haven’t improved anything.

Our industry is in a fast pace of change. SD-WAN,, gigabit, 5G and more. What have you changed or added?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Google Fiber, Gigabit and Pole Attachments

The cable guys all expect their “awesome” cellular hot-spot footprints to replace cellular. iPass does too.

Pole Attachment Fight between Google Fiber and AT&T, Comcast and the city.
Google Fiber Problems with Layoffs and a strategy shift internally to maybe fixed wireless instead of fiber.

Google Fiber isn’t a Failure (despite only 70K TV subscribers). And Google Fiber launches in NC.

Comcast is targeting DSL

If you have Fiber projects, you should join my Facebook group on Fiber Marketing. (email me)

AT&T Unveils New Apartment/Condo Map for Gigabit Service. Also, CenturyLink is rolling out G.Fast for MDU at half-gig or 500 Mbps. And Ma Bell is looking at for MDU also.

NYC in a fight with VZ FiOS over deployment promises

3 Marketing Links

Good Sales Advice on LinkedIn.

Good read about Positioning statements (and how many of them are worthless).

A look at Word of Mouth marketing.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Time Management for You

I think Sales is mostly about Time Management.
Today, we are attached to work 24/7. There is constant pressure to work more.
We are all busy! Busy Busy Busy!
But are we getting anything done?
Don't you think it's about working smarter? Be more efficient with your time.

Time Management is about putting your priorities and goals first.
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Google Fiber Failing?

AT&T explains why it sometimes delays Google Fiber access to poles. "Google Fiber has been battling AT&T over access to utility poles for a few years now. During a dispute in Austin, Texas late in 2013, AT&T said it could deny access to its poles because Google wasn't a "qualified" telecom or cable provider."

This reminds me of Covad/Northpoint/Rhythms DLECs who didn't realize how much the ILECs could screw you - or that the regulatory process was convoluted without an enforcement arm.

AT&T Slams Google/Alphabet over Google Fiber Slowdown Speculation. AT&T thinks this helps them, but cable is destroying AT&T's hold on consumers and small business. No idea what they are laughing about. They should have been fighting the cable consolidation.

Looking at alternatives, Google bought Webpass for some expertise in fixed wireless broadband. However, "Cuts at Google Fiber: No one switching, wireless and cable going to a gig."

The other alternative is G.Fast. "Live from New York. It's wireless backhaul."

"Commodities are in the eye of the producer. If you don't want to sell something that's judged merely on price, then don't." Very short read by Seth Godin.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Tier 1 Backbone Debate

There are 2 firms that evaluate the top global Internet backbones: Renesys and CAIDA. In this post CAIDA compares its data against DYN's data from 2014. (DYN owns Renessys). DYN puts out the Top 13 (Baker's Dozen) list of top global Internet backbones (by ASN) each year. Level3, Telia, NTT, GTT, Cogent, Tata, Verizon, Telecom Italia*, Sprint, PCCW, China Telecom*,HE and XO. RAD-INFO INC can quote and provision 11 of the 13 for you. Call today!

The Dyn Research report describes the companies and their rise/fall. "AT&T (AS7018), now ranked #21, Qwest (AS209), now CenturyLink and ranked #14, and Savvis (AS3561), owned by CenturyLink since 2011, but with an AS that is still ranked #34." Email me if you want a copy of the report. Thanks! peter at radinfo dor co

Monday, August 22, 2016

Home Security Partner

I have written about going back to 2005. For residential ISPs who compete against a cable company also offering home security, could be a partner. They have grown significantly.

SaaS and license revenue of $42.0 million for the second quarter, a 23% increase year-over-year.

Total revenue of $64.4 million for the second quarter, a 24% increase year-over-year. []

DSL is Getting Killed, but Fiber?

Comcast Says There's 6 Million Unhappy DSL Users Left to Target is a great headline because it says it all: cable is targeting DSL - and winning. (see here).

Google Fiber, Sonic, Socket, Intelliwave and Rocket Fiber are just five of over 100 fiber to the home projects going on. BTW, consumers only respond to the term Gigabit Fiber broadband. It is about picking the right markets to construct fiber. It is also about first mover advantage (if you are the first fiber provider you can win against HFC and DSL).

Serving the Digital Divide is going to be expensive and it will require government assistance. We see it just with subsidized phone and Internet over the last 20 years.

The success or failure of these Fiber projects comes down to the basics of marketing (summed up here by Seth Godin in 4 lines.)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Things You Might Want to Know (Part 215)

Some nuggets of factoids and articles.

Here's how you end up with a bully in a position of authority at an organization: here.

"Build a team of people who work together, who care and who learn and you'll end up with the organization you deserve. Build the opposite and you also get what you deserve." [Seth]

Google Fiber's pole attachment spat with AT&T, Comcast: something's got to give [fierce]. Probably why Google bought Webpass and starting saying Wireless Fiber.

How Google Fiber Is Changing Its Strategy as Costs Grow.

DSL is losing big time. "According to research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), major telco broadband losses are accelerating, more than doubling from a year ago. Collectively, major tier 1 and 2 telcos lost 360K broadband subscribers in 2Q16, compared with 150K in 2Q15. Compare that with major cable broadband net adds of 553K in 2Q16." [telecompetitor]

Fatbeam in Idaho "won 11 FCC E-rate contracts, which will help fund the construction of an additional 200 miles of fiber." [telecomp]

Lightower is for sale. Either Level3 or Zayo buying. Maybe.

Verizon is even losing ground in Ethernet sales (as it buys AOL, Yahoo, and sells off wireline assets.) The New Charter (combined TWC-Charter-BrightHouse) is now third in Ethernet according to VSG.

A little something about CHURN.

Headlines and email subject lines are IMPORTANT!!! I suck at both. I think I have good, relevant info and stories, but it the headline and subject line that either make people read or pass on it. Here is some data on Headlines.

Cloud is a New Pattern

Seth Godin writes, "On the other hand, moving all your data to the cloud, or staying at an Airbnb, these are new decisions, new ways of being in the world. Trying to get a book publisher to fund your magazine or your web app might make sense to you, but without the benefit of a pattern to match, the publisher who has built a career around one pattern might get cold feet."

We buy what we know. That's why selling replacement products for less money has worked so well. Until now.

This is why selling Hosted PBX/UCaaS is so difficuly: You have to sell Change! No one likes change. Not even you.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

4 Quick Things

4 quick news items and one big one you need to really pay attention to.

The DCMA did not protect Cox from a $25 Million fine after letting subscribers pirate music online. The Appeals Court ruled that the ISP didn't do enough to curb illegal downloads.

The most successful SMB SaaS Launch is… here. 95% Channel sales.

I know we don't think of UCaaS as SaaS but it is. SaaS Lead Gen practices here.

Cyber Security and VoIP - what the Black Hats have to say. BTW, humans are the weakest link in any security.

FYI....  22 Military Veterans and 1 active duty soldier commit suicide every day! Stop Soldier Suicide