Wednesday, May 01, 2019

What Am I Up To?

From the Mailchimp email:

This year I have been working with a couple more UCaaS providers on messaging, Value Proposition and improving their channel sales program.

Most of my consulting has been with ISPs, CLECs and VoIP Providers.

It turns out that many tech firms need help with marketing and that starts with the Value Proposition. A Tampa based MSP brought me to assist in creating the Value Proposition. Also, two SaaS companies just contracted for the same thing.

Would you be interested in working on your Value Proposition?

Slide deck to explain the Value Proposition. But in a nutshell Value Proposition is what makes you special. It answers Why Should I Buy from You?

What Else am I Doing? 

A large organization is bringing me to observe and report on the org as a whole. Sales, channel messaging, internal communications and service delivery are the areas that I will be observing. Culture plays a piece of this as well.

I have done this for three other providers over the years. Not everyone wants to know what they are doing worng and how they can improve it. What can I help your business with? This is my 20th anniversary in telecom. I have worked with over 100 service providers in some capacity. That's a good amount of stored knowledge that you get to leverage. Call me. Let's talk.

NEC asked me to speak at their partner event in Orlando in June. I would like to do more of that.

Do you need bandwidth or circuits? Because I am still an active telecom agent quoting and provisioning 50+ carriers including AT&T, VZ, GTT, cable, Zayo, HE, Cogent, FiberLight, Crown Castle (FPL) to name a few.

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