Saturday, May 04, 2019


You've published 2,280 entries with 173 comments on TMC from Feb. 21, 2008 to Sept., 2017. This was after a year blogging on Virgo.

On this blog (NSP Strategy) I have published 3,939 posts going back to June 2004.

I have 121 posts on my newest blog

That is 6,340 posts in 15 years.

There have been numerous articles in magazines like Internet Telephony, Phone+, Cloud Computing and Channel Vision (where I still publish).

It is now 5 books. The original sold over a thousand copies: SELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle. It was published in January 2008 after 15 months of work. It is still available in paperback or eBook, but it is dated. The industry just isn't the same 11 years later.

LIT Buildings was a guide for selling into lit buildings.

Setting the Sail was my first eBook in 2010.

The one that my friends call the coloring book was published in paperback in 2015 and is still selling strong. It was one of the first books written on how to sell cloud services.

My favorite is Secrets of Channel Managers in 2014. This was done on Amazon via the now defunct createspace platform, which was easy to use. was the publishing platform I started on. This book took 9 months to produce, but it took over ten years of experience to make possible.

Fifteen years of writing. It all started with just one article.

Podcasts, webinars, worksheets, workshops, training sessions, talks, panel moderation and keynoting - I have tried it all. It has been quite the journey of 20 years, 100+ client companies, 6000+ articles and 5 books.

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