Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Fun Facts (Tidbits # 2472)

One-in-five Americans are now ‘smartphone only’ internet users at home, according to Pew Research.

About 20 percent of U.S. residents now use their smartphones and mobile data services exclusively for internet access. That is a seven point increase from the 13 percent who used mobile exclusively for internet access in 2015. [Gary Kim from the Pew Research]

Bundling like Triple-Play is about reducing churn (as well as increasing revenue per account). Gary Kim on AT&T churn.

Small Business just wants POTS! "An annual survey of small and mid-sized businesses conducted for Edgewater Networks of North American organizations seems to suggest that a majority of SMBs of all sizes still rely on TDM solutions for voice." [Gary Kim]

Facebook has upgraded its Workplace platform in an apparent bid to counter Slack in business accounts, Reuters suggests. True believers include Vonage, which launched its Vee chatbot for Workplace by Facebook.

CoreDial, a cloud services company that works entirely with small business MSPs, has reached the 300,000 seat milestone in the UCaaS market, via channele2e. The CEO of Coredial told me that they are past 300K and looking at the next milestone.

Cisco is buying AI firm Accompany for $270 million in cash and stock, but found out Rowan Trollope left to be CEO of Five9. So the BSFT strategy at Cisco will flounder for a while.

Verizon launched TechSure, tech support started at $10 per month. "Laptops, tablets, TVs, thermostats, security cameras, doorbells, light bulbs – these days, almost everything in the modern home is connected to the Internet. With that in mind, Verizon has launched TechSure to give Fios and High Speed Internet customers both the digital and physical protection they need for their increasingly digital lives."

Broward College has signed a $1.9 million managed IT services contract with CSPi. As part of this contract CSPi will design, deploy, integrate and manage a private cloud to support enterprise applications. CSPi will also deploy a new campus WLAN and NAC Solution forming a solid foundation needed for secure high-availability, scalability and growing demand to support IoT devices.

Improving the in-home Wi-Fi experience has become ‘table stakes’ in the competitive broadband marketplace.


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