Thursday, May 10, 2018

Forbearance Again

USTelecom (the mouthpiece for the ILECs) has petitioned the FCC for Forbearance on UNEs.

USTelecom pushes to End Unbundling (UNE access under the Telecom Act of 1996)

USTelecom Says Telecom Unbundling Regulations are Outmoded; Competitors Say They Need Those UNEs.

The UNEs are used to offer POTS, T1, PRI, any flavor of DSL and Ethernet over Copper. (This could be a gut punch to GTT that bought Global Capacity). This will affect so many consumers and businesses.

The small problem is that most CLECs have either pivoted or gone out of business (or been acquired). Not certain how many are left to fight this.

The USTelecom petition is HERE.

The comment period was just published by the FCC HERE.

WC Docket No. 18-141

Comments or Oppositions Due: June 7, 2018

Reply Comments Due: June 22, 2018

Comment here

Might be a good time to comment and join INCOMPAS to lobby for your UNE.

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