Friday, August 25, 2017

Sweating the Small Stuff

"If you’re a Communications Service Provider (CSP) trying to differentiate your brand in today’s highly competitive market, the little things do matter – a lot." A statement I agree with. (The article talks about mining your customer data to satisfy them better - and retain them!)

As an industry we push Technology, not Solutions. VoIP/SIP/UC, SD-WAN, MPLS and T1 are all technology that we push as a product. Even DSL!!

Hard to solution sell and get away from price when we:
Make Tech a Product; not packaged as a Solution;
Fail to perform basic product marketing;
Don't brand our service offerings.
Bundle the same as the Duopoly.

We talk about the price of the car (the tech) but never what it is like to actually own it. What does service look like? What does the deployment look like? How much hand holding?

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