Monday, August 21, 2017

Pricing and Packages

Good article about Bundling. They all look the same. They all suck for the buyer. Have you noticed that we don't have Quad-play yet (tv, broadband, phone and cell)?  I can't believe there isn't a bundle of Netflix, broadband and 4G hotspot with a tablet. No one thinks outside the box.

That's your job! Don't Bundle! Package your products in a way that stands out.

Remember to keep Product-Market fit.

The article talks about bundle discounts. It isn't about saving money so much as it IS about increasing ARPU (average revenue per customer) and lowering churn. (The more services that a customer has of yours, the less likely they are to leave due to the pain of switching.)

This ISP is billing on usage! "Montana-based broadband provider Mid-Rivers Communications has taken a contrarian approach to broadband pricing, adopting a usage-based rather than a speed-tier approach."

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