Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Cloud is Important

Cloud is driving all bandwidth sales.
Cloud is driving network re-design.
Cloud is driving SD-WAN.

"CenturyLink says that it's trying to offer gigabit connections in more markets, but believes that the majority of its customers simply don't need anything that fast....CEO Glen Post made the case that 100 Mbps was more bandwidth than most customers need," reports DSLR.

That notwithstanding, "gigabit service does help in one regard: it helps sell slower speeds. Numerous ISPs have noted that when customers see gigabit ads they often call in because they don't remember what their current speed even is. Gigabit often either isn't available, or the user decides that a slower, cheaper tier is good enough."

Why when just 5 short years ago people were only buying 3M, just enough for a single stream of Netflix? More Than 90 Percent of U.S. Households Have Three or More Devices Pinging the Internet, says ReCode. (btw, the device report from Pew in 2015 has good data.)

The only term that captures consumer attention is Gigabit. Not DSL, not broadband. Thanks Google.

C-Link does have a powerful mission statement: "Improve the lives of our customers by connecting them to the power of the digital world." I wonder how many employees even know that.

"A new AT&T GigaPower map leverages interactive GPS technology to plot AT&T’s gigabit capabilities across 425,000 eligible apartments and condos. This gigabit coverage spans 56 markets nationwide, AT&T reports in a blog post. [source]

Windstream looks to fiber investments, cloud services to tighten bond with mid-sized businesses.

Mid-market isn't looking for broadband (except in remote offices). They have a complex Hybrid WAN that MPLS is struggling to contain. SD-WAN will be the next evolution for MPLS due to all the traffic outside of the WAN to Azure, AWS, Rackspace, SAAS, etc.

Short post from GapingVoid starts out: "What is so darn intriguing about being an entrepreneur?

It's the idea that no matter how specialized your training, the real requirement is that you be a generalist...." Read the rest here.

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