Thursday, August 04, 2016

Tidbits (part 214)

Verizon Offers 'Tech Support Pro' -- For $10 More a Month. Do you have options to increase ARPU?

"Rural broadband has come a long way in the last 15 years, according to new research from NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. One hundred percent of NTCA’s small rural telco members who responded to a 2015 survey offer broadband to some part of their customer base — a big jump from the 58% that offered broadband in 2000, when NTCA did the first of what became an annual broadband survey." [READ MORE HERE]

G.Fast is being deployed by WIND in Lincoln Nebraska (into MDUs).

Does Google for Work plus RingCentral present a good alternative to Microsoft Off365? READ HERE.

Studies have shown that over a third of an employee’s time each day is spent looking for information versus being productive (via RC prezo). Collaboration, Slack, Sharepoint and other Workflow suites are supposed to help with that by containing documents and info for each project in a folder. CRM - if used correctly - does that organization for client and prospect communications and information.

"Industry-agnostic platforms are losing ground to vertical systems. As time goes on apps are going to become more specialized and industry-specific. You may find yourself using apps for things you never thought you would need to." This according to the State of SAAS report.

64 percent of small and medium businesses today rely on cloud-based technology.

43 percent of small business owners use mobile devices as the primary device for running their operations.

This aligns with data from Intuit, revealing that 67 percent of business owners utilize desktops. So where does DAAS/VDI fit into a mobile model?

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