Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Scoble on AI

Apparently AI is growing. Robert Scoble is keeping his eyes on AI and VR.

Check out The Economist this week, for instance.

Google has announced a huge shift internally to AI-based systems.

Google’s futurist, Ray Kurzweil, is very bullish on AI HERE.

Google’s chairman, too, says we should stop freaking out about AI. He goes on to detail why AI is so powerful, particularly when it comes to tasks like driving. FORTUNE mag

Google isn’t the only one. Lately on my world tour, [Robert Scoble] I’ve met some of the people bringing artificial intelligence to life. Here are four companies doing that:

Sentient Technologies, a company in San Francisco using AI for ecommerce and stock market predictions.

Digital Bridge, a Manchester, UK-based company, which uses AI to recognize walls, photos and furniture in your house, and then lets you redecorate.

Zebra Medical Vision, and Israeli company using AI to recognize cancer in MRI scans.

Agrible, based in Illinois, which uses farm data to grow virtual crops and predict how a farm will do. It then sells that data back to farmers and tells them what to do on their farms.

Rober Scoble concludes, "If you look at all these examples, you’ll see a clear pattern: teams of people are training artificial intelligence systems to learn to do various tasks. In the video with Hodjat, he shows how the algorithms work and gets us all up to speed. New jobs are looking at human behavior and looking for ways to apply machine learning."

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