Tuesday, July 05, 2016

4 Things to Watch for Network Providers, ISPs

Top 1 is about an ISP's liability for packets: Windstream Fighting Claims It's Liable For Subscriber Piracy: "Late last year a Virginia federal jury ruled that ISPs could be held liable for the file sharing behavior of customers on their network, contrary to the belief that ISPs are protected from liability via safe harbor provisions embedded in the DMCA."

Next up is the FCC business data services docket (BDS, formerly branded "special access" services).
The ILECs are lining up against INCOMPAS and surprisedly Verizon in a fight over special access at the FCC. See HERE and Fierce media.

Then there is the Pole Access fight. Frontier teams with AT&T to block Google Fiber access to utility poles - from ARS and Fortune mag.

Lastly, ho hum... 8x8 is suing Star2Star – for employee hiring with a non-compete in Florida.

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