Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tidbits on Telco TV and C-Link Strategy

Much chatter at the Enterprise Connect show about APIs, Integration and Slack. More from the show here.

In TV, AT&T and C-Link are re-thinking their TV strategy. AT&T got 2 million people to sign up for unlimited cellular data bundled with TV (either U-Verse of DTV). HBO Now hit 1 Million subscribers, which is tiny if you think about it. Netflix has like 60M. VZ is still doing what it can to get go90 off the ground. Skinny TV bundles launched by CinBell and others, blessed by CBS who says that is the way it is trending. Google Fiber has 54K subs - a problem?

ISPs Are Fighting Broadband Privacy Protections.

Think about this: "For every dollar that it loses in legacy revenues, CenturyLink must generate two additional revenue dollars in growth areas in order to maintain its earnings level, said the company’s CFO Stewart Ewing."

"CenturyLink is pursuing three key tactics in its efforts to stabilize earnings, Ewing said. One is to generate growth in strategic revenues. Another is to lessen the decline of legacy revenues. And the third is cost control." Note that innovation or selling deeper are not a part of the strategy?

BelAir Internet first to market with Guaranteed Symmetric 100MB Broadband.

BTW, WIND says that by " upgrading its last mile network with VDSL2 and fiber will help turn around its broadband subscribership..... CEO Tony Thomas said that turning on more customers to its higher-speed 50 and 100 Mbps offerings will put Windstream on a broadband growth path this year. ... >>> Windstream expects that most consumers will pick speeds between 10-25 Mbps." WIND is betting on triple-play in the SMB market to ramp up ARPU. More here.

last tidbit today:

Intelacloud was a CLEC and VoIP provider in Jacksonville, FL. The Owner died without a succession plan in place. The company filed BK. FISPA and Cloud Comm Alliance member, IPfone just won the bid for Intelacloud. They have 2 weeks to close.

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