Monday, March 21, 2016

The Fluidity of the VoIP World

Rumor is Polycom is in merger talks with MITEL due to the incidence of a shareholder, hedge fund Elliott Management.

One VP left Polycom already to be President of Star2Star.

NETXUSA was acquired by INgram. Ingram is being acquired by a Chinese firm It is a fluid world. [Read more hear.]

"Key to the transaction is NetXUSA's neat fit into Ingram's 18-month old UCC business unit. Ingram said it placed a high value on NetXUSA's suite of service offerings, including provisioning and configuration, order management tools, zero-touch warranty handling, consulting and integration development." [source]

When companies are valuated, systems are a key component. CRM, written policies, BSS, OSS, provisioning - these are check boxes. I often wonder why more VoIP providers don't use Edgewater, especially for the end-point management system. I get that Edgewater costs more but it is about User Experience and endpoint management.

I advise for a start-up, Phonism, that does Polycom provisioning. Many ITSPs we talk to are funny. They either will build it internally; use the one with the softswitch; or find the pricing too much so do without. End-point management will be a component of hands free deployment and customer care. New configuration or new firmware - BOOM! - done and managed. Save a truck roll or tech support calls, which apparently many companies have not placed a dollar value to yet.

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