Wednesday, March 02, 2016

CEO Moment: Worth Reading

From GapingVoid: "Why is business so hard? Simply put, we think it is due to a lack of humanity." Hugh continues, "There is a coming tsunami of change around the recognition that the future of work is about culture, and the connections that we facilitate between people in our businesses." Culture is coming back!

Additional quote, "Going as far back as 1999, our friend Tony Hsieh over at Zappos, really pushed this hard. He understood through observation that it is social capital that drives organizational effectiveness. He saw that people who had richer emotional connections, were more effective." That is why I am looking to take the ZAPPOS tour in Vegas.

Trust is required for sales. "The obvious and rational equation is that being trustworthy plus being transparent will lead you to be trusted." But The irrational thing about trust.

Short worthwhile read: Worth thinking about

What's next in computing? Amazing that "The Raspberry Pi Zero is a 1 GHz Linux computer that you can buy for $5. For a similar price you can buy a wifi-enabled microcontroller that runs a version of Python."

And lastly train your people: RAD-INFO WEBINARS

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