Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cablevision Lessons

From a post at Telecom Ramblings: "Lightpath continued to tack on more business from the education vertical this week. Yesterday the Cablevision subsidiary announced they will be implementing a 1,000-seat cloud-based voice system for Sarah Lawrence College, already a customer for raw bandwidth. The Westchester county-based institution had been trialing Lightpath's hosted voice one in one department, and apparently liked what it saw -- especially relative to the legacy phone system currently in place. With its fiber and Ethernet network already hooking up 7,000+ buildings in the metro area, selling voice into that customer base has been a source of growth."

3 take aways:

One is if this cableco can provide 1000 seats to a college, then so can you. Cablevision has a Broadsoft.

Two, "selling voice into that customer base has been a source of growth" <-- DUH! Sell Deep! Selling network is easy. Voice is a lot harder, which means it is stickier (if you do it right).

Three, you better get the voice because now that cablecos are selling it, they will be stickier than low price!!! Get in first.

Cablevision's business division is called Lighpath. They are being acquired by Altice, yet are still executing on a strategy to take away double and triple play from the SME market.

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