Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stats on Fiber

Two recent fiber acquisitions.

In North Virginia, "SummitIG gave an update on its progress since completing its new intercity and metro fiber build within and between Richmond and northern Virginia late last year. The infrastructure upstart says it now has 45+ on-net buildings to go with its 450 route miles of underground network, and has seen revenues climb 650% over the past year."

Just 450 miles of fiber and 45 on-net buildings = huge revenue explosion.

"Maine-based Oxford Networks purchased the New Hampshire Internet and data center company BayRing Communications. The purchase combines 2,000 miles of fiber-optic network in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and positions the company with access to 50,000 commercial buildings." I didn't know there were 50K commercial buildings in that part of New England. (I am from CT and spent time in each of those states skiing and vacationing.)

Even if you don't out fiber in yourself. Have a Lit building strategy. Get a tenant in a multi-tenant building - and then aggressively pursue the other tenants. Granite Telecom has an MDU strategy to chase malls and strip malls.

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