Thursday, December 03, 2015

Consumers Need Speed

"The opportunity to boost broadband speed drives more broadband households to switch providers, or broadband churn, than do lower fees, according to new research results from Parks Associates." [telecompetitor]

"Nine percent of U.S. broadband households switched providers in the past 12 months."

"While 43 percent of subscribers do not know their current broadband speed, they do know about the experience that they have online, particularly as it relates to digital media.”

Even When They Don't Know Their Internet Access Speed, They Know When the Experience Requires More Bandwidth, writes Gary Kim.

New habits, new gadgets = speedy broadband is a requirement at home.

""Very high speed services, including gigabit-speed offerings, will be the next stage of competition among operators," notes the research firm. "Though few consumers today actually need that level of throughput, consumers are willing to pay to ensure that they do not encounter slowdowns or other performance problems."" [DSLR]

"“Consumer expectations for their broadband service are changing as they add more devices and adopt new habits,” Sappington said. “For example, 34% of consumers who regularly watch Internet video on a tablet plan to upgrade their broadband service. What was fast enough yesterday could be too slow today - it all depends on the quality of their experience and new devices in use.” [PARKS]

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