Tuesday, November 17, 2015

VoIP for Verticals

With 2000+ Hosted VoIP providers in the US, you would think a few would specialize. Sure, Masergy, West and ThinkingPhones chase enterprise and global accounts, but that isn't really specializing. Then is just chasing higher ARPU.

UCStrategies writes, "Weave had secured a $15.5 million Series B round of investment. Here’s why:"

Weave is a provider of integrated communications services tailored specifically to dental and orthodontics practitioners. Weave unifies voice, mail, text, CRM, and Electronic Medical Record applications. The company positions itself as a business communications platform, and has already signed up 2,000 practices in the United States and Canada.

Verticals, like Retail with PCI Compliance issues; financial with security and GLBA regulations; and healthcare with HIPAA/HITECH rules and worries, are ripe for specialists.

Other industries are a good target if you want to take the whole stack. RC buying Glip or ThPh buying Fuze were tocomplete a platform/bundle idea that management had. Taking the whole stack from email, CRM, voice, data, SMS and mobile seems like a no-brainer to me, since Managed IT is about protecting to the device.

I understand why bigger companies don't do this -- because they want all the revenue they can get their hands on - but slow, profitable growth is a good way to go, too.

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