Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Teaching to Fish

Most of my consulting gigs have been coach up. Salespeople, marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs - coach them up to the next level. Teach them to fish (or a new way to fish).

If you have a marketing person or a salesperson, who fits the culture but could be doing a better job in your opinion, let's get them coached up.

In the past, I have worked with a number of marketing teams to get them up to speed on social media, messaging, lead gen, branding, direct mail and email marketing. Marketing is a time intensive process that trickles in little pieces of success. It is not a button to be pushed. There isn't a shortcut. There is just a lot of little things to do for success.

What marketers are required to do today is not what was taught at school. Marketing used to be about branding, PR, advertising and very little online. Today, it is social selling, content, publishing, analytics, along with old school tactics like email and direct mail.

You can outsource some of that to an agency. Some of it

Sales is more about daily activity and time management than anything else. You have to make contact with people every single day, as many ways as possible for success. Networking, social selling, relationship building and educating the marketplace are just a few of the things required for success.

Ten years ago, Hosted VoIP was mainly POTS replacement. Today, UCaaS has become a collection of components used for wrokplace collaboration and persistent communications. Slack (launched in 2013 now has 100m users) and Lync (in 2007) weren't even around 10 years ago! A lot changes in 10 years.

Communications has changed. The idea of the office has changed. Sales has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Not only what we sell, but how we sell and the buyers' process.

Let RAD-INFO coach up your sales and marketing talent to take your company to the next level. Call or email the office today!

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