Thursday, September 24, 2015

Like New Socks

Clean sheets. Brand new socks. That new car smell.

All sensory triggers, the anticipation, the first time.

70% of software implementations fail to meet expectations.

Most buyers shopping for Hosted PBX have already used it - and are unhappy with the quality (which they blame on the provider).

OTT VoIP churns every 12 months and the cost of a lead is almost $200 for a 7-seat average deal.

That is not a sustainable model.

How do you add the anticipation, the excitement?

Churn happens due to customer expectation. You have to get better at setting that.

Word of mouth, social media, churn = a brand disaster.

Everyone wants to book revenue/sales - doesn't matter if it is good or bad. Think wisely because one is short term thinking - and one is about building to last.

Extra: The tension between what is promised and what is delivered by @gapingvoid.

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