Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cold Calling in 2015

Is Cold Calling dead? This article suggests it is.

This article explains how to effectively cold email. (There is a pop-up that you have to wrestle with on this Hubspot site to close.) Email marketing effectiveness is about the Headline, Sender name and copy. ATTENTION quick!

Then Relevance. Is that message relevant to the reader? Since you can segment lists and other fine tuning, you should be sending messages that are very relevant - that resonate well with - the reader.

The author uses an animated gif. You can use an embedded video or Vine.

You have to be 2 things today: Creative and Persistent.

Using the phone is tough because, well, voicemail and millenials do not pick up the phone. Here is an article on
5 ways to get people to pick up the phone.

Cold Calling has always been a challenge. Moreso now because sales is becoming INBOUND (instead of OUTBOUND). The Buyer's journey has changed. Indeed, even the buyers have changed.

Social Selling is surpassing Cold Calling. The key is that you have to have a relevant message (benefit statement) for the buyer to get their attention. It is all about THEM.

Cold Calling alone will not make your numbers. You need to network face to face - at chamber events; association functions; everywhere that a prospect hangs out. And give value first -- not just puke on them or push your business card into their palm.

And use your online networks - Meetup, LinkedIn, twitter, et al.

Cold calling isn't dead; it is just much harder.

5 ways to get Prospects to Pick up the Phone.

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