Monday, August 03, 2015

How to Build a Company that Lasts

Some of you may have read Jim Collins' books, Built to Last and Good to Great, but if you haven't, this article on Fortune gives you a small sense of what they were about.

In an age where Uber is worth more than GM but with a small fraction of the employees and assets, we are seeing a shift to 1099 contractors and freelancers in place of employees. Due to ACA and other government regulations for companies with 50+ employees, businesses are shying away from hiring when they can. They may not be the best idea.

Employees are more committed than contractors. Sure if the company invests in the employees, the employees will do their best for the company.

Culture is an integral ingredient of corporate success. Culture comes from employees, not contractors.

I'm saying there is anything wrong with contractors/1099/freelancers or consultants. I am saying you can't grow a company on them.

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