Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Email Marketing for Marketers (webinar)

I often wonder why vendors specifically don't do a better job in the email marketing department. How often do emails get marked as spam? A lot. Too often. Even when people signed up for them!

Seth Godin's book, Permission Marketing, (aff link) is 16 years old! Some valuable lessons in that book. Do you think your email list is your biggest marketing asset? You have their permission to market to them. Don't abuse it! Give Value First. Be Generous. It pays dividends. Learn what works.

Based on Seth's book and my own experiences email marketing for myself and my clients, I am offering a 45 minute webinar on email marketing on Wed., August 19th at Noon ET. It is modestly priced but with the investment of both your time and money (or your money back!)


Wed., August 19th at Noon Eastern time for just $35!

As always, RAD-INFO INC offers a money back guarantee. If the webinar concludes and you are unhappy for any reason, email the office for a full refund.

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