Sunday, August 16, 2015

Amazon Management Policy

Amazon's management style took a hit this week with first a NYT article followed by coverage every where. This article sums up the management playbook.

Managers at Amazon  are expected to focus primarily on the customer and to “work backward” from that point.

Company leaders take ownership of the company’s overall destiny and practice founder Jeff Bezos’s famed long-term focus (vis-a-vis short-term results).

Leaders at Amazon are continuously not just innovating but simplifying.

Managers are expected to hire strong talent and, in turn, to develop those hires into leaders.

Be frugal, as no “extra points” are awarded for “growing headcount, budget size or fixed expense.” (Work them to death.)

Don’t think small. Raise the bar. Stay curious and keep learning.

Follow these rules or you are not a Leader -- and we will fire you as part of our Darwinism talent policy.

I like Jeff Bezos, but if this is his idea of good management -- and his company doesn't really make money --maybe he has it all wrong.

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