Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Porting Takes So Long

I have been trying to port 4 DIDs from a BellSouth PRI to POTS lines with Birch for almost 3 months. It is a complex port. Here's why: "The FCC’s current definition for a Simple Ports is as follows:"

  • Does not involve unbundled network elements
  • Involves an account only for a single line
  • Does not include complex switch translations (e.g., Centrex, ISDN, AIN services, remote call forwarding, or multiple services on the loop)
  • Does not include a reseller/whoelsale.

There is no such thing as a simple port. Hence, no fast LNP.

Top that off with ILECs shrinking the work force (less people, more activity) and less experienced people doing the tasks now -- means everything takes longer and longer. Telecom is Broken. It is one reason cable is eating telco lunch.

Still, Birch should have a better idea of the process and time frame.


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