Monday, June 15, 2015

Internet Trends by Mary Meeker

Every year Mary Meeker provides her view of Internet Trends. She is a futurist that works for a well known VC (venture capital) firm, Kleiner Perkins. There are almost 200 slides that you can view here.

It is the 20th year she has presented this report. The difference between 1995 and 2015 can be seen with this single slide of companies: click here

"Video accounted for 64 percent of consumer Internet traffic in 2014 (versus 62 percent in 2013) and 55 percent of mobile traffic (versus 52 percent in 2013). Facebook now gets four billion video views per day, up four times in six months; while Twitch has 100 million monthly active users for its live streaming, up 122 percent this year."

“I for one am really excited about Vessel’s five-second ad. Short-form video, making a point in five seconds, I think is a beautiful thing," Mary Meeker says. You can watch the 30 minute prezo at Code from her here.

Two things to take away: (1) video bandwidth is eating up capacity on all fronts; (2) consumers consume video -- are you using any to market your business????

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