Monday, June 29, 2015

Teams, Communication and Productivity

A lot of stuff comes in via RSS, email, twitter and FB feeds. I try to only share the really good stuff, like the following:

"Growth is more valuable than profitability and you can always focus on profits once you have “captured the market.”" Agree or disagree? Fred Wilson writes about it here. "generating more revenues each year than the expenses you are spending to do that, is a really valuable constraint on a management team. It forces them to think creatively and logically about the investments they want to make. It roots out bad investments in people, product, sales, marketing, and elsewhere in the business and helps to maintain a lean and mean highly functioning organization."

Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist in NYC. I read his blog every day, like I do Seth Godin's. The two have a way of writing about a topic that clarifies it (for me). Fred wrote another blog this week about the factors that go into your team and whether they are loyal or mercenaries. Some of that has to do with your culture and the way you hire. Mission, vision and culture are 3 components of the success of many companies. Mission, vision, values are the WHY. It makes it about more than money.

ANPI's blog is about email, but it could be about IM/chat and text. "Email is a popular and easy way to communicate. We all write and read emails dozens of times a day, both business and personal. But you don’t get any nuance from email. You don’t get emotion." Emoticons are not enough. Try video chat or video email (vine, facetime, skype, hangout, etc.). After it catches fire in your org, it will be easier to sell to your customers.

22 Reasons 79% of Any Workforce is Woefully Unproductive

An interesting To-Do List -- on paper with pen!!

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