Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lots of Gigabit Going Around

In this quick round up, there were 4 recent announcements of Gigabit broadband.

C Spire is using fixed wireless* FTTH to deliver Gigabit broadband to Mississippi. The fourth city to get it is Clinton, Mississippi. According to DSLR, the rates are: "1 Gbps Internet access is available for $70 a month, $90 a month for combined Internet and home phone, $130 for Internet and super HD TV and $150 a month for the three-service package."

Correction** - I read an article on DSLR that I thought said fixed wireless, but actually said fixed wireline broadband from C Spire.

In the fixed wireless Gigabit space, Rapid Systems has turned up Gigabit in rural Hardee County Florida.

Google will be expanding in San Antonio, Texas now that it got the approval.

Quicken founder, Dan Gilbert, is bringing "gigabit broadband service to Detroit via a new startup ISP named Rocket Fiber." It will be around $70 per month.

Interesting tidbit, "One thing the company hopes gives it a leg up in Detroit is the fact that Gilbert's Rock Ventures, which is funding the gigabit deployment, also owns more than 75 properties totaling more than 12 million square feet of commercial real estate in downtown Detroit. FCC rules prohibit exclusive MDU deals, but the company hopes this cross-ownership helps speed along installs." [DSLR]

Cox Bumping $99 Ultimate Tier From 150 to 300 Mbps

ARS has a story about Verizon demanding exclusive deals from landlords before installing FiOS in NYC. It isn't just in NYC. Even in Tampa, the property management companies lock up the telco closet and prevent tenants from getting services that they want.

In other fixed wireless news, Vivint is pushing 100 Mbps Broadband for $60/month. Vivint is a smart home technology provider who is using a hybrid system of licensed and unlicensed spectrum to deliver 100Mbps. It is an interesting read on how they are doing it (here and ARS and here).

More gigabit network news here.

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