Monday, April 06, 2015

Privacy as a Luxury Brand

I have said this before, privacy is a premium service. If you sell to consumers, especially the NRA members, then protecting their freedom and privacy should be part of your marketing.

"AT&T wants customers to pay the company not to spy on them." But at least they admit that they are spying on them. VZW has super-cookies, but rarely admits it. It is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart.

You could make extra money by teaching people about privacy, PGP for email, encryption, cookies, simple VPN. There is a market for it, for certain. This would also make you the expert in this field. If you have an IT shop, it would get you more business and you could raise your rates as the local expert.

There is also a chance to capitalize on the data caps. The cable companies have them, but don't tell anyone. It could be your differentiator.

Side note: cable companies are facing an uncertain future on pay-TV. they have a long reputation for crappy service. "“The future of TV is going to be decided less by mergers between these players and more by evolution in the customer experience they provide,” Jan Dawson, an analyst at Jackdaw Research, said, referring to cable companies." [Bloom]

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