Friday, April 03, 2015

News You Could Use (part 129)

Some interesting stuff from telecompetitor this week.

"More and more commercial and multi-tenant buildings in the U.S. are being wired with optical fiber. Back in 2004, fiber’s penetration rate in such buildings stood at 10.9 percent. As of year-end 2014, that had nearly quadrupled, rising to 42.5 percent, according to the latest market research from Vertical Systems Group." Read the rest here.

To help it close the deal with the FCC on buying TWC, Comcast announced FTTH 2 Gigabit Service coming to metro Atlanta. See here and here.

2 GB fiber to the home....

This seems paltry in comparison, but WOW!'s Wholesale division has teamed up with iFiber Networks in Illinois to deliver 1 Gbps FTTH to Gilberts, Ill.

Frontier owns some FIOS assets and will be adding a lot more next year when it takes over TX, FL and Cali from VZ. VZ FiOS offers symmetric service, because why not it is fiber and you can make fun of cable's assymetric speeds. Now Frontier is offering symmetric speeds called 2 Fast on its FiOS assets.. See more here.

Consumers between 26-34 have no patience for video buffering, according to this study. No kidding! More than 75% bounce after 4 minutes, via telecompetitor article.

BTW, "By 2016, over 50 percent of respondents will be running some of their unified communications (UC) applications over either a private or public cloud service." [cv]

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