Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SMS Options

Much discussion today on a couple of lists about SMS enabled DIDs.

Frontier Text-to-Landline Service via Zipwhip.

Business Texter gives an option for SMS for businesses that uses an AI to respond to customers' questions - without the landline.

Voxox (which I rep) has two way SMS via SMPP or our REST API using long code, shared short code, or dedicated short code. Voxox also have a smartphone and desktop app that does calling, sms, fax, and chat, which is available to operators for re-branding.

Others mentioned: can use your real office phone number to send and receive texts. Makes for neat advertising., Twilio, Clickatell, VZ uses TeleMessage and

Red sends texts from Outlook

Infographic about text usage and how much it matters at work

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