Thursday, February 05, 2015

Cloud SMB Study by Parallels

In my session at FISPA live I used some data from a study that Parallels did. Parallels own CPanel and is middleware for hosting companies to sell cloud services from third party vendors. They do a global study on cloud for SMB. You can get the data here.

Parallels has a YouTube video that is an animated 2 minute summary of the study. There is also a PDF summary of the results in graphic form here.

Lots of interesting data that I included in my session on Bundling for Sticky Profit.

The top verticals in the US via Parallels blog:

"The first post will feature the Retail vertical, representing more than 1 million SMBs in the United States. We’ll dig into the juicy details in the retail post. And we also will be covering five other key verticals, including:

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Sciences (850,000 US SMBs)
Healthcare and Social Assistance (816,000)
Construction (647,000)
Hospitality, Food and Leisure (648,000)
Finance, Banking, Insurance and Accounting (467,000)

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