Friday, January 02, 2015

What Wave Are You Riding in 2015?

An interesting quote to end the year by Nicholas Bate:

A fresh start requires fresh goals;
Fresh goals require fresh thinking;
Fresh thinking requires letting go and looking forward.

Jeff Kagan is an analyst in Atlanta that gave a dire warning to Windstream's Board of Directors in 2010. Mainly he talks about cresting waves - like wireline, POTS, DSL. What wave will WIND or YOU ride in 2015 and to come?

Many FISPA members have already changed from resale to owning infrastructure. More and more CLECs and WISPs are turning to fiber assets (for many reasons).

BTW, Google commented to the FCC about Title II classification. "Google this week told the FCC that reclassifying broadband providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act would have a big side benefit for Google Fiber because it would give Google Fiber the same access to utility poles and other key infrastructure currently enjoyed by Comcast, AT&T and other big-name ISPs." I don't know how accurate that is (or if CLEC status would solve some of their issues) but it carries some weight at the FCC.

Fred Wilson, the venture capitalist in NYC, noted that "Xiaomi will spend some of the $1.1bn they just raised coming to the US. This will bring a strong player in the non-google android sector into the US market and legitimize a “third mobile OS” in the western world. The good news for developers is developing for non-google android is not much different than developing for google android."

What I would take from that is that mobility, apps, IM/chat and other UC components are still open for competition. That if Hosted PBX is the wave that you are riding, then you need to figure out how to own the mobile space for some of those activities. If not, you will be replaced or relegated to POTS replacement.

Wilson also says, "More asian penetration into the US market will come from the messenger sector as both Line and WeChat make strong moves to gain a share of the lucrative US messenger market." He is bullish on SAAS and Cybersecurity.

Good luck in 2015. See you in Miami at ITEXPO on Jan. 25-29 and in New Orleans at FISPA Live on Feb. 2-4.

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