Thursday, November 20, 2014

Special Interests and the FCC

This is a snapshot of just one day at the FCC and just one docket - Open Internet.

  • FCC Seeks Fiber Deployment Information from AT&T
  • Cox Discusses AT&T and DirecTV Merger, Open Internet
  • NCTA, ITTA, USTelecom, et al. Discuss Proposals for Open Internet Regulation
  • NCTA, et al. Discuss Open Internet Issues
  • CCA Asks FCC to Provide Flexibility to Wireless Carriers
  • Open Technology Institute Discusses Study on Wireless Broadband Providers
  • CTIA, et al. Discuss Mobile Broadband Issues
  • Rural Wireless Association Discusses Open Internet Issues 
  • U.S. Cellular Discusses Open Internet Issues  
  • T-Mobile Discusses Data Roaming, Open Internet Issues 
  • WISPA Asks FCC to Consider Interests of Small Providers  
  • GSMA Expresses Concern With Title II Classification of Broadband Services

That is a lot of groups and companies weighing in on how they will be affected by Open Internet. From the looks of it over the past week, cellular companies are experiencing a sphincter tightening over Open Internet rules being applied to them too.

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