Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Culture and Other Tidbits

This twitter transcript about building and spreading culture was curated from a chat session. Some good points, but as always with a twitter transcript it is a little disjointed.

A bad example of culture might be Uber right now. Seth Godin has a short take on storms that brew. "Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and standard setting." Employees see all the actions you do take - and all the ones you do not take. Both.

17 Gapingvoid Cartoons That Will Change Your Business

Interesting panel at Broadsoft Connections about how SP’s around the world are selling UC.

Goal Setting & Sales Planning for 2015 webinar is on Dec. 10. Register here.

Good article about science fiction and predictions: here.

Good read from Seth about Apple as a luxury brand. Luxury, Tribes, Placebo effect, Brand, Function – all reasons people buy from you.

Patagonia is still a luxury tools company. The coats they sell cost more, but some professionals choose them regardless of brand, because in addition to tribal affiliation and the placebo that comes from buying a luxury good, they're still extraordinarily functional.

And Advice from a shark: @ CP.

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