Thursday, October 09, 2014

What is the CEO’s Job?

Peter Drucker said that a business has 2 purposes: marketing and innovation - both designed to create a customer

Long before a president was hired or the Veeps of different stripes or the CFO, COO, CIO, CTO or even the CMO, there was just the founder. Maybe the founder had a title like president, Managing Partner or CEO. Yet he did it all, including janitorial.

When you talk about a public company, it gets complicated. Too complicated, in fact, for me to address it here. But for non-public companies, the CEO's primary job has two parts: product and sales/revenue.

When the CEO is working IN his business, he is primarily a technician. He or she is primarily making, shipping, doing product. For example, if he is the programmer, technician or installer.

When the CEO is working ON his business, he is planning strategy, marketing, product development.

The CEO sets the stage for the company culture including its values.  It all comes down to the Why - what the company stands for. (Is your company great by choice?)

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