Friday, October 10, 2014

More Good Reads

I read Nicholas Bates' blog each morning along with Seth Godin's. Every day. Today was about the Master Plan 7.

This isn't how I normally blog -- just a bunch of links, but lately there has been so many articles with at least one really smashing good point that I wanted to share them with my readers because the topics are scattered too. Like personal development above, motivation, PR and more.

What if PR stood for People and Relationships? is a slide deck e-book by Brian Solis and illustrated by Gapingvoid's Hugh MacLeod. I use a lot Gapingvoid cartoons in my slide decks. I read Hugh's daily cartoon and have read everyone of his books, including the Rackspace one.

Brian Solis has the 2014 State of Digital Transformation highlights on this LinkedIn blog post.

How a Small Change Can Boost Your Motivation and Performance

How To Persuade Anyone Of Anything In Ten Seconds by one of my favorite writers, James Altucher.

How To Create A Billion Dollar Monopoly According To Peter Thiel. Thiel basically is talking about a Blue Ocean Strategy. In other words, you need to create the category that you will win in, like AirBnB, Cirque du Soleil, Starbucks.

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