Tuesday, October 28, 2014

G.Fast is Really Fast

From DSL Prime:

G.fast will be at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam next week. Telekom Austria turned on a customer using Alcatel and Sckipio gear. Broadcom also has something. Europe has already committed to 40M lines of upgraded DSL. The growth is so strong Dell’oro says DSL chip sales went up last quarter. Take a look at the new site, http://gfastnews.com/. 300-700 megabit!

First G.fast line: 536 Megabits down http://bit.ly/gfastfirst - 536 Mbps and upload 116 Mbps.

Telekom Austria has linked up a company offering working and event space via G.fast. It's only "A customer" but a powerful symbol. the first actual customer connected. TA doesn't expect volume deployments until 2016, however. They see G.fast as an alternative to fiber for 400,000 apartments in Vienna alone. Many are older buildings where people are resistant to drilling for fiber. The French report a similar resistance to drilling. Gear is from Alcatel and Sckipio. more http://bit.ly/gfastfirst

More: G.fast:A Golden Opportunity For Copper-Based Broadband? Emerging DSL Technology Targets Aggregate 1-Gig Speeds

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