Friday, October 31, 2014

Copper Retirement a Big Topic at FCC for CLECs

IP Transition was the subject of 2 big meetings at the FCC.

XO "met with Wireline Competition Bureau staff on October 9, 2014, to suggest it would serve the public interest to maximize use of existing copper infrastructure in the transition to fiber." Any EoC carriers are going to be worried about how the ILECs handle copper retirement going forward. XO "also expressed support for Windstream’s proposal regarding continued access to DSn unbundled network elements regardless of the underlying technology and to access equivalent services where DSn special access services are discontinued."

"Windstream met with Chairman Wheeler’s Legal Advisor and General Counsel staff on October 22, 2014, to reiterate its view that discontinuation of TDM services and retirement of copper facilities does not warrant elimination of FCC oversight of competitive issues in the telecommunications industry. It urged the Commission to remind ILECs that they cannot relieve themselves of their obligation to provide DS1 and DS3 unbundled network element loops simply by transitioning to an all-IP network or retiring copper plant." [NECA]

Something to watch.

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