Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Broadband to be Defined as 25 Mbps

The FCC Chief is talking about raising the definition of Broadband from its current "4 Mbps down to 10 Mbps down (if you're getting subsidies) and 25 Mbps down in general." Carriers are griping, but even worse will be DSL and Wireless ISP's who will have a hard time delivering 25 Mbps in rural areas. So will that mean that to get CAF or USF funds, you have deliver 10 Mbps?

Read the whole discussion at DSLR HERE and HERE.

In a similar vein, TracFone files petition to allow text messaging to constitute usage of Lifeline Service.

Regulators Approve $2 Billion Frontier-AT&T Deal in Connecticut.

Cisco and InterCall are having an argument at the USAC over whether or not to collect USF fees on the audio conferencing.

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