Friday, January 24, 2014

The Managed Services Opportunity

There is good article titled Majority of U.S Businesses Willing to Pay More to Improve Indoor Wireless Access. Enterprises (with 500+ employees) want better coverage for mobile devices. That means companies that can install, manage and secure indoor wireless networks are looking at a large opportunity.

I am waiting for the response from companies like Ruckus who will discuss their hardware and management software for these devices. Maybe next week at the Super Wi-Fi show.

Also, it has been some time since I heard anything about Pico cell or femtocell devices being deployed (or sold).

In the study, "92 percent would agree to pay even more if the solution also includes managed services such as mobile device management (MDM), context-/location-aware services, Wi-Fi-as-a-service, hosted unified communications (UC), and cloud and/or PBX (News - Alert) integration." Further, "29 percent of businesses are willing to pay between $1 and $19 per employee per month for hosted UC, while 20 percent would sign up at the same cost for hosted MDM."

It looks like Enterprises will pay a premium for a complete solution.

SMB's Lose $24 Billion in Productivity Annually From Winging IT Management. It's the way you tell the story to the marketplace about how you can Add Productivity (not save them money).

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