Monday, January 20, 2014

Sales Survey Results

Sales stats and tips to begin the year.

12 Conversion Tips that can Increase your Leads and Sales over 107%. Most of these tips have to do with your website and the content you are producing. So if you are not working on your website or blogging or producing content for marketing on social platforms, you can skip this article.

A survey of B2B sales produced 2 tips: (1) Call leads fast—really fast after they hit your website (which means that you have to design your website so you have software that lets you know you have a lead). (2) Tuesday through Thursday is the best time to reach buyers. See the survey here.

Also, January through April are your best months for sales.

Utilize your Money Hours as effectively and efficiently as you can. It's when sales are made.

Forbes has a look at this same survey from Software Advice - B2B Buyer Behavior - Web & Phone Channels Industry View 2013 - and concludes that Wednesday At Lunch Time Is Best Time For Prospecting Calls.

An interesting read that I can relate to. I can promote my clients like crazy, but self-promotion, meh. It's just 2 pages but worth it.

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