Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fixed 4G MVNO

EarthLink launched 4G Wireless Internet-at-Home service, utilizing the Clearwire (Sprint/Softbank now) network. 5G cap for $30/mo.

"EarthLink will offer two packages ideal for wireless Internet access for the home in over 80 cities nationwide. Starting at $29.95 a month, the At Home service delivers wireless Internet on up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops and does not require a term commitment. This launch follows EarthLink's June 2013 launch of its new 4G Internet-on-the-Go wireless mobile Internet plans."

Sprint is really pushing the data MVNO system. Unfortunately, as a long time owner of a Sprint Mi-Fi device, service is spotty at best and is NOT a replacement for fixed service.

It is a way for ELNK to take some business and brand one more common service (mobile Internet).

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